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Welcome to the July 2000

On the evening of Sunday 16th July there was a Total Lunar Eclipse. This eclipse was particularly long, in fact totality lasted for 1 hour 47 minutes, because the Moon passed almost exactly through the centre of the Earth's shadow.

This site broadcast the lunar eclipse live on the web. Between 7pm and 12am (July 16th) this site had 40,484 hits. The most hits happened between 9pm and 10pm (17,524). To see the Live Broadcast page as it was at 12:45am July 17th 2000, click here:

For a sequence of images of the eclipse, showing the Earth's shadow slowly moving across the moon, click here:

For an animation of the Earth's shadow moving across the moon, click here:

For images of the eclipse taken on 35mm film by members of the Astronomical Society of Flinders University, click here:

Eclipse times for Adelaide, South Australia

    Moon enters penumbra
    Moon enters umbra
    Moon enters totality
    Middle of eclipse
    Moon leaves totality
    Moon leaves umbra
    Moon leaves penumbra

For a complete list of astrocameras capturing the total lunar eclipse, visit:

The Universe Today

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